Women Founded CWs
Photo Credit : Technical.ly

A curated list of awesome women-founded coworking spaces.

The are many coworking spaces around the world. According to 2016 Coworking Outlook Report(by deskmag & coworkaholic), the number of coworking spaces worldwide will be expected at 12,700 in 2017.

Among them, Hyekyung Hwang and I found just only 100(updated) coworking spaces created by women. We think that it occupies a small number of coworking space numbers around the world.

We made “Women-founded Coworking Spaces Map” on Google.

And we think they should be more and more for diversity. If you know other coworking spaces founded by women, please let me know. We will add it to the list.

Unites States

  • CO+HOOTS (founded by Jenny Poondingo)
  • The Factory 510 (founded by Andie Grace & Cheryl Edison)
  • Hera Hub (founded by Felena Hanson)
  • Covo (founded by Rebecca Leigh and Brian Pan)
  • MIYB Spaces (founded by Anne McConaghay Cremarosa)
  • MindTank Work Club (founded by Sally Newson)
  • Enerspace Coworking (founded by Jamie Pudney Russo)
  • TwoTenEast (founded by Ehmandah Ramsey)
  • The Unique Space (founded by Sonja Rasula)
  • StartUp Grind (founded by Anamarie Sabbath)
  • One Roof Women (founded by Gianna Wurzel & Sheree Rubinstein)
  • Cohere,LLC (founded by Angel Meakins Kwiatkowski)
  • Connects Workspace (founded by Jen Thoemkel)
  • COMRADITY (founded by Katherine Warman Kern)
  • Social House (founded by Laura Seiko McGlynn)
  • ScribbleSpace (founded by Cynthia Wilkins Dailey)
  • Free Range Office (founded by Liane Jackson)
  • DeskLabs (founded by Alize Omen)
  • Suite Spotte Coworking (founded by Sue Reardon)
  • 25N Coworking (founded by Mara Silverman Hauser)
  • The Shift (founded by Nicole Renée Vasquez)
  • Springboard Coworking (founded by Diane Daby)
  • Peloton Labs (founded by Elizabeth Trice)
  • Workshop Brookline (founded by Melissa Tapper Goldman & Lisa Wasserman Sivan)
  • Bamboo Detroit (founded by Amanda Lewan)
  • Detroit City Study (founded by Shira Schwartz)
  • WORKUP (founded by Betsy Bonnet)
  • Envision Lab (founded by Katie Boone)
  • Cowork Waldo (founded by Melissa Mann Saubers)
  • The (Co)working Space (founded by Noelle Starry)
  • QNS Collective (founded by Argentina Flores)
  • Shared Brooklyn (founded by Allison Reeves)
  • COTERIE company (founded by Joanna Bailey)
  • Eugene Mind Works (founded by Aloma Loren Murray)
  • The Wilds (founded by Kelly Thiel, Wallis Levin & Karen Ruane)
  • Platform 53 (founded by Stacy Kessler)
  • Paramount Co-Op (founded by Trish Digliodo)
  • Bizzy Mamas Coworking (founded by Tina Nerelli & Stephanie Gambescia Seal)
  • InDo Nashville (founded by Katharine Richardson)
  • Ensemble Coworking (founded by Tamara Carlen Payne)
  • Orange Coworking (founded by Shelley Delayne)
  • The Mix Coworking (founded by Daryn DeZengotita)
  • Link CoWorking (founded by Liz Elam)
  • CoWork Factory (founded byy Chandler Bohnn Gray)
  • Soma Vida Wellness Coworking (founded by Laura Shook Guzman)
  • Houston Business Lounge (founded by Monique T. LaCour)
  • GoodWork (founded by Amy Margaret King)
  • The Workery (founded by Sally Aguilar-Robertson & Mari Aguirre-Rodriguez)
  • The Makers Space (founded by Caitlin Agnew & Lana Morisoli)
  • Works Progress (founded by Marnee Chua and Jessie Rymph)
  • Office Nomads (founded by Susan Dorsch)
  • Vibe Coworks (founded by Alanna Imbach)
  • Creative Blueprint Seattle (founded by Ashley Proctor)
  • CoWork155 (founded by Kristin Baker & JJ Sheffer)
  • The Candy Factory (founded by Anne Kirby)
  • Homiey (founded by Mariah & Erryn Cobb)
  • The Hivery (founded by Grace Kraaijvanger)
  • The Wing (founded by Audrey Gelman & Lauren Kassan)


  • Acme Works (founded by Christine Andrews)
  • Shecosystem (founded by Emily Rose Antflick)
  • Creative Blueprint Toronto (founded by Ashley Proctor)
  • Camaradrie Coworking (founded by Rachel Young)
  • Network Hub (founded by Minna Van)
  • Cowork Penticton (founded by Jennifer Vincent)
  • The Commons Calgary (founded by Erynn Lyster)
  • Centre of Social Innovation (founded by Tonya Surman)


  • Aldea Creativa (founded by Nayeli Quinto)


  • Coworking Salzburg (founded by Romy Sigl)


  • Coworking les Galeries (founded by Valerie Kinoo)


  • Imaguru Startup Hub (founded by Nastia Khamiankova & Tania Marinich)


  • Malkite5 (founded by Tsveta Stoeva)


  • Remix Coworking (founded by Hanna Eljco)
  • Entrelac (founded by Marion Majou)
  • Le Laptop (founded by Pauline Thomas)


  • Gewächshaus Düsseldorf (founded by Silke Roggermann)
  • Combinat56 (founded by Sina Brübach-Schlickum)
  • Garage Bilk (founded by Yvonne Firdaus)


  • KAPTÁR (founded by Pekár Dóra)


  • Cohop (founded by Gilda Convertino)


  • Beta Bar (founded by Jennifer Buxton)


  • De Kamer (founded by Jeannine van der Linden)


  • Soft Space (founded by Aurore Bui)
  • Büro Lokal Wil (founded by Jenny Schäpper-Uster)
  • Urbanfish (founded by Priscilla Wolf)


  • Wohaby (founded by Ana Seijo)
  • Rayaworx (founded by Doris Schuppe)

United Kingdom

  • The Melting Pot (founded by Claire Carpenter)
  • She Can UK (founded by Diana Horner)


  • NewportNet Coworking (founded by Karen Bond)
  • Sass Place (founded by Carly Thompson-Barry)
  • One Roof Women (founded by Gianna Wurzl & Sheree Rubinstein)
  • Canvas Coworking Inc (founded by Joy Taylor)
  • Happy Hubbub (founded byErin Richards & Kirstin Boyd)


  • TRYBE Space (founded by Nadia Wong)


  • Zen Co-works (founded by Namita Vasudeva)


  • Kumpul (founded by Faye Scarlet Alund)


  • Osakan Space (founded by Hiroko Osaki)


  • WORQ (founded by Stephanie Ping)

South Korea

  • Hive Arena (founded by Hyekyung Hwang) Korean site


  • The Hub Singapore (founded by Grace Sai)
  • Woolf Works (founded by Michaela Anchan)
  • Trehaus (founded by Rachel Teo and Elizabeth Wu)


  • Happen Coworking Space (founded by Pei Chi Chang & Chiu Chia Yuan)


  • Addicted to Work (founded by Pim Noah)
  • Punspace (founded by Euam Sirisanthana)
  • TAO HUB (founded by Tomoe Ogawa)


  • Feminaria (founded by Ana Carolina Moreira Bavon)
  • Casa de Vivir (founded by Carina Borrego, Fernnada Santiago Torres, Luciana Jansen, and Luana Cruz)


  • Conexion EC coworking (founded by Cabezas Ximena)