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  • Chris Cooley  – Chris Cooley is a creative entrepreneur who focuses on empowering and building communities. Through his business, Cooley Creative LLC, Chris has developed a unique branding processes for global software development companies. He is also a consultant, blogger and evangelist for the coworking culture. Chris has participated in incubators, shared offices, and coworking spaces since 2008 and co-founded two coworking spaces in New York. He has plans of co-creating many more of these communities well into the future.
  • Alex Hillman
  • Zoltan Szales (Croissant)
  • Ramon Suarez (Coworking Handbook)
  • Christine Andrews – Why I LOVE coworking – As the Founder, Owner and Operator of one of Toronto’s top coworking spaces, Acme Works,  the global coworking movement is of great interest and importance to me.  I spend every day as a member of my community but as the space manager I am also tasked with curating, nurturing, protecting and growing the community.  As the global coworking movement expands and grows at a rapid rate I believe it is incumbent upon all participants to protect authentic coworking, the values we share and to collaborate to better facilitate this new way of working. Contact: 416-818-1558
  • Vanessa Sans 

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