Top Coworking Spaces In Bali

If I had 10K Rupiah for every non Balinese who gave up their corporate job to move to the Island, start their own company, and becoming a digital nomad, maybe by this time I’d own… Hmmm… A lot?

But, no, seriously, Bali is filled with those people I mentioned above and they’re part of this new-age movement in Bali. The digital age gives you a lot of benefit, one of them being the freedom to choose to live in a tropical island while still be able to chase your career and earn money. Thanks to the most amazing thing called Internet, we are able to join the meeting in New York while lounging on a daybed and working on our tan, or making a deal with clients on the other side of the world while wearing flip-flops and sipping cold young coconut water.

The Digital Nomads are flocking this island and co-working space, a space designed to function like an office, completed with high speed internet, meeting rooms, free access to coffee and tea, and other stuffs like lockers, printer, copy machine, and fax machine, is just the right sidekick.

We compile the best five of co-working spaces in this Island to help you; digital nomads who haven’t found their working space, or future digital nomads who are thinking about quitting the rat race and chasing the island life.

1. Hubud

Hubud or Hub in Ubud is located in, of course, Ubud, just five minute walk from the Monkey Forest. They are the first co-working space in Bali and has become a must visit co-working space for traveling digital nomads. The space itself is a marvelous earthy architecture consists of theatrical using of bamboos and recycled woods. The open plan gives that free and playful ambiance, along with an unlimited access to blissful moments when you look around and find yourself working in such a cool place surrounded by trees, rice paddy fields, and hippies. Consistently hosting events like workshops, meet-ups, courses, and parties, Hubud has several membership types ranging from $22 to $275.

Hubud (
Monkey Forest Road 88x
Ubud, Gianyar, Bali 80571
(+62 361978073)
Instagram: @hubudbali

2. Kumpul

As a part of Rumah Sanur Creative Hub, Kumpul co-working space has this budding and innovative surrounding. The homey and rather vintage atmosphere mixes well with some industrial touches in the interior, allowing people to feel always welcome and relaxed, this is a non-pretentious space for non-pretentious people. Together with Rumah Sanur, they regularly throw events like music gigs and art exhibition, along with workshops and seminars. Kumpul which means ‘to gather’ or ‘to be together’ is focusing on the local community. They are on a mission to empower entrepreneurs and small businesses to grow. They have three types of membership plan that goes by weekly, monthly, and full time, from IDR 450,000 to IDR 2,500,000

Kumpul Co-working Space (
Rumah Sanur, Jalan Danau Poso 51A
80228 Sanur, Bali
(+62 361281739)
Instagram: @kumpulco

3. Lineup Hub

The idea behind Lineup Hub is to combine work and play. With a location that only minutes away from the beach, playful interior, and a place where people with common interests and goals can help each other to reach their dreams and discover new things, this is truly an ideal co-working space to go to. Everybody who’s moving to the Island from the city know with all their heart that Bali has a different vibe that can bring the best in you. With that in mind, Lineup hopes that people with that attitude could share their similar interests and bring the friendly atmosphere into the already friendly space, with bright light, and colorful furniture. Other than monthly membership plans, Lineup also offers a daily pass that is worth IDR 200,000.

Lineup Hub (
Sunset Permai 3, Jalan Sunset Road, Kuta, Bali
(+62 3618947510)
Instagram: @lineuphubco

4. Dojo Bali

The surfer town of Bali, or better known as Canggu is the place to find the best looking people in the world. Models and world-class surfers are the regulars in Canggu, so imagine having them as your ‘colleagues’? Dojo Bali is set in a luxurious villa with swimming pool, balcony work-space, and equipped with custom designed furnitures, art gallery, and library. The centrally located space is just 100 meters away from Echo Beach, surrounded with hipster cafes and coffee shops. Events like professional meet-ups and workshops are regularly held every week, together with cool events like Sunday Surf Day and garage sale. They have the most affordable daily pass, which is priced at IDR 150,000.

Dojo Bali (
88 Jalan Batu Mejan
Echo Beach, Canggu, Bali
(+62 812 38 166 144)
Instagram: @dojobali


Bali is a creative island and it’s where you can find the most creative and innovative people. WAVE co-working space hopes to be a place where you can encounter innovative creators from all over the world. WAVE itself is located in the tourist center of Bali Island, Kuta, where people from the whole world crowding this area everyday. Nothing really extravagant about WAVE, everything is simple, neutral, and minimalist, emphasizing the main function of an office, where people can have their serenity and peaceful time in working. This Japanese owned space offers monthly subscription for their members and daily pass for those who only stay for short time.

Istana Kuta Galeria PM17
Kuta, Bali