You know an industry has “made it” when it finally gets its own conference. So congratulations, Coworking.

CONVENE is a series of local, half-day events created by and for Coworking operators and managers, and it’s coming to D.C. “The objective of CONVENE is for us to meet each other, learn about our shared spaces and their services, tell stories of our journey in getting to where we are, share our successes and epic failures, find ways to collaborate, and of course: support each other’s growth and continual success,” the event page declares.

So on Oct. 4 members of D.C.’s Coworking scene are invited to descend on the SwingSpace offices in Dupont and do just that. All topics of discussion will be determined by the attendees themselves, and the day will wrap up with a happy hour.

Ready to share experiences, thoughts and best practices with your competition colleagues in the coworking industry? RSVP here.