Coworking Alliance of Asia Pacific (CAAP) is set to bring the first Coworking Unconference to India (CU India) on September 28 – October 1, 2016 in Goa, India. Kicking off with the theme Startup Nation, CU India is looking to boost support for the emerging startup scene in India, and the roles that the coworking movement has in supporting the growing ranks of freelancers, creatives, and entrepreneurs that are driving Indias growth into the new economy.

The four-day conference will bring together all the prime movers and shakers from the world of coworking and innovation spaces in India. In the agenda is, Coworking Academy, keynotes and panel discussions, and unconference sessions where attendees set the agenda and discussions, allowing better dialogue and interaction.

“The coworking movement and the tech industry are a natural fit. Coworking spaces provide the space, community and events that bring people together to facilitate collaboration and accelerated growth, acting as an anchor for the ecosystem. Bringing the conference to India reflects the emergence of the India tech scene and the ways we can support it with strong spaces and dynamic communities,” explains Steve Munroe, Founder of CAAP and Hubud, Balis first coworking space.